Terms and Conditions at Antler Inc

Terms and Conditions at Antler Inc

When you buy online, you agree that you’ve read and understood the terms and conditions and that you declared and accepted them. Antler Firearms Inc has the right to modify, adapt, void or change the terms and conditions of the sale at any time without notice.

If you meet any difficulties with an order, please contact us as soon as possible to the following email

Terms and Sales conditions

Once you buy on Antler Firearms website, the customer commits to respect the sales condition.

Pricing, Discounts, and products may change without notice.

It’s the customer’s responsibility to make sure that the information on the purchase order is accurate. Once your order goes through on the website and you need to cancel your order you must call 418-449-4142 # 234 in the same day because once the order is ready to ship, you cannot cancel it.

The customer has the duty to get informed and respect the standards, and rules. The customer must make sure that he/she has the necessary firearm license required by the law.

Return Policy

For the optics parts/products the warranty goes with the manufacturer’s warranty

For clothes and accessories returning must be 15 days following the date bought and the goods must not be damaged.

Shipping freight must be paid by the customer

Antler Firearms inc. remains the owner of the goods until full payment is made. For special orders, returning isn’t possible.

Payments Method

Online payments are made directly with the highly secured ESP Group.

Credit Cards: Visa and Mastercard are accepted

Once your order is confirmed, a confirmation payment will be sent to you by email.

Under no circumstances your banking information’s will be revealed. For more information on ESP Group, please visit their website

Consider that all of the pricing and invoicing is made in Canadian Dollars

Shipping Policy

Shipping is insured by a shipper that Antler Firearms choses. The shipping is made at the address chosen by the customer once he/she placed the order.

The Shipping fees are determined by the weight, and the dimensions of the box and this before taxes. The delivery delay depends on where the package is going, and the shipping method chosen.

You will become the owner of the goods that you have ordered once Antler Firearms Inc hands over your package to the freight company.  From that moment Antler Inc will not be responsible for damages or the lost of the package.

The delivery of the product is compliant to the rules of the shipping companies. If you are absent from the shipping address you asked the package to ship to, it will be the customers responsibility to pick up the package where the freight company indicates.

You can count on us to meet a reasonable deadline to ship out your goods. However due to several factors that are beyond our control, certain delays may occur. No compensation will be granted.

Privacy policies

Your personal information (name, address, postal code, email, phone number) will always be confidential and will only be used by Antler Firearms Inc because confidentiality has a very high importance for our company.

Personal data protection policy.


Definition of Law 25


Law 25 adopted September 21, 2021 aims to establish rules concerning the collection of sensitive personal information about others that a person may collect, hold, use or communicate to third parties, as part of the operation of a company.

This is why Antler, in accordance with Law 25, undertakes, within the framework of its current activities, through this Policy, to pay particular attention to respect for privacy, the protection and security of personal data regarding its employees, customers and suppliers.

Antler is therefore committed to implementing practices for the governance of the information it collects, uses and communicates.

What is sensitive personal data?

Antler considers that the term “sensitive personal data” means any information that directly or indirectly identifies an employee, customer or supplier. Such as:

  • Data relating to your identity: last name, first name, nationality, gender, date of birth, postal address, telephone number, email address and PAL number.
  • Banking data : means of payment (payroll, invoice, PO);

Method of collecting data

Personal data is collected and hosted in the following places:

  • Contact details :
    • Clients: Email box, our accounting software, The Online Shop accounting software and the Converge credit card terminal.
    • Banking data : Converge credit card terminal and accounting system;

Retention of personal data

Except where a retention period is prescribed by law or otherwise, Antler retains your personal data only for the period that is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected.

Said data is hosted mainly in servers, internal computer software and web applications. Some personal data may be kept in paper format in customer files.

Security of personal data

Antler has defined the procedures to take in order to protect your data appropriately due to the nature and accessibility. We use a multi-level secure server to protect the personal data that is collected.

If a security breach occurs, resulting in the accidental or unlawful loss or disclosure of your personal data, Antler will take appropriate measures such as:

  • Conduct an investigation as quickly as possible and put corrective actions in place to remedy the situation.
  • Notify the office of the Access to Information Commision (AIC) if the investigation demonstrates that the data breach may pose a risk to the privacy of the person concerned. The confidentiality incident register (Annex A) must be completed and sent to the AIC.

The person responsible for the IT department is the one delegated to communicate the event to the AIC.

If you have any questions about the Policy or how Antler collect, uses or processes your personal data, or you wish to make a complaint, please contact:

Maryanne Gouin at the following email address:

After reading your email, you will receive a return within 10 working days.