Let me introduce myself, Hugues Vaillancourt, owner of Antler Firearms, the composite division as well as Nutech, one of the largest machine shops in North America, a leader in the medium- and large-volume machining of precision parts on CNC lathes and machining centres.

We employ more than 150 employees and own 50 CNC machines. We’ve been manufacturing gun parts for major gun manufacturers for over 45 years.

As a hunting enthusiasts, I combined my experience as well as the expertise of my team to design the best rifle on the market.

Every little detail is important to create a high precision rifle, especially for long distance shooting. There are so many external factors that can influence your performance, it’s essential you have absolute trust in your rifle. Precision and quality is what has distinguished us for over 45 years.

Antler Firearms, was founded in 2014 under the Fierce Canada name. Our name was changed following a reorganization in order to distinguish ourselves from our American partner Fierce Firearms. Our rifles will now be known as “Antler” .

Our R&D team has worked relentlessly to come up with technical improvements to our rifles to make them light, precise and effective for an enhance experience. Our finishes have also been carefully designed to harmonize with nature. Nothing is left to chance, our attention to detail is what sets us apart and what we’re renowned for. All our firearms, from design to manufacturing, are entirely made at our factory in Disraeli (Quebec) near Thetford Mines, a showroom is also conveniently located onsite.

Our expertise, manufacturing processes and quality control enables us to machine complex components to exact specifications with our cutting-edge equipment.  As well, we’re constantly searching for new approaches and continuously improving our processes to produce the best firearms on the market. We use noble materials such as titanium because it has mechanical properties that allow us to shape thinner and lighter parts without compromising durability. We make our own carbon fiber stocks and barrels in our composite division. Carbon was chosen for its tensile, compression and stiffness properties as well as its excellent temperature retention.

We do rigorous testing by using CMM, air gages and optical comparators to maintain extremely tight tolerances on parts throughout the entire manufacturing process. Accuracy tests are carried out in our underground shooting range so that each firearm is certified. We guarantee that each rifle will have ½ MOA (grouping 3 bullets within ½ inch over a distance of 100 yards) with the appropriate ammunition upon delivery.  The target and ammunition specs during the accuracy test are also included with every purchase.