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Stainless steel action and barrel

The “Expedition” rifle our primary model. Machined without fluting on the barrel and bolt. Includes also a Limbsaver pad.

At Antler, we know that trusting your rifle is essential. The “Expedition” model has been designed with the aim of going along with the hunter during crucial moments and to ensure that these moments become unforgettable hunting experiences.

We manufacture our own high-end, ultra-lightweight carbon fiber stocks. The fiber is stretched manually in the molds to increase rigidity in strategic places.

Carbon has very interesting properties: it is 3 X more rigid and 50% lighter than wood, which makes it a component of choice. In addition to being waterproof, resistant and requiring little care, carbon offers the advantage of never warping to create pressure points and unpredictable tensions between the barrel and the stock. Our stocks evenly distribute recoil. They are equipped with patented “Limbsaver” brand pads which are recognized for their quality of recoil absorption. It also has adjustable cheek rest.

Precision: Each ANTLER gun is CERTIFIED to group 3 bullets within ½ MOA over a distance of 100 yards with ballistics tested during quality control. Each rifle is delivered with the target which was used to test it. TO TRY IT IS TO ADOPT IT!


  • 2 types of stocks are offered: Standard, monte carlo style | Thumbhole
  • Integrated Antler logo on the stock
  • Limbsaver recoil pad
  • Stainless steel barrel and action (without fluting)
  • 3 lug action, 70° rotation
  • Three position safety lock
  • Adjustable trigger, set at 2.75 pound
  • Detachable magazine, capacity: 4 ammo
  • Cerakote coating
  • Muzzle brake MB42
  • Precision 1/2 MOA (Exception .338 lapua and .375 H&H: precision 5/8 MOA)
  • Weight : 6.6 pounds (*Weights are always calculated on .300 calibers WIN MAG, barrel 24 in) 

PRICE: 2 495$ can