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Wild Mountain

Stainless steel action and barrel

The Wild Mountain is a combination of design and performance. Our machining experts, added an artistic touch to the barrel by machining it in a spiral fluting shape. Our finishes in earth tones give it lots of style and character.

From a technical aspect, the barrel grooves are formed with a button “buttom rifling” rather than cold forging. The advantage is that it induces little stress in the barrel, leaves few marks and increases the precision of the diameter of the barrel. The fluting also eliminate weight, promotes cooling, and in addition to improve the esthetic appearance. Spiral fluting barrels are available for WILD MOUNTAIN and TI MOUNTAIN models.

We use a CERAKOTE PAINT COATING on all our models to improve the strength and finish of our parts. This coating is the most efficient and has been validated by approved laboratories in terms of anti-corrosion and scratches. On the other hand, it facilitates sliding and wear limits, while reducing traditional greasing. The various colors of finishes are shown on the next page

Precision: Each ANTLER gun is CERTIFIED to group 3 bullets within ½ MOA over a distance of 100 yards with ballistics tested during quality control. Each rifle is delivered with the target which was used to test it. TRY IT IS TO ADOPT IT!


  • Types of stocks are offered: Types of stocks are offered: Left hand: Standard | Cheek piece ajustable* / Right hand: Standard | Cheek piece ajustable* |Mountain LR Cheek piece ajustable*|Mountain LR | Thumbhole (* option)
    Integrated Antler logo on the stock
  • Limbsaver recoil pad
  • Stainless steel (416) spiral fluting barrel
  • Stainless steel (416) action
  • 3 lug action, 70° rotation
  • Three position safety lock
  • Adjustable trigger, set at 2.75 pound
  • Detachable magazine, capacity: 4 ammo
  • Cerakote coating
  • Muzzle brake MB42
  • Precision 1/2 MOA (Exception .338 lapua and .375 H&H: precision 5/8 MOA)
  • Weight : 7.2 pounds  (Weights are calculated on caliber .300 WIN MAG, 24 in barrel  / + 5 oz with  cheek piece ajustable)

PRICE: 3095$ can