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Carbon Mountain

Stainless steel action / Carbon barrel

The Carbon Mountain has a carbon barrel. This rifle is perfect for magnum calibers whose shots are very powerful and generate a lot of heat.

This barrel is stiffer, lighter and most importantly, it dissipates heat faster between shots than stainless steel barrels.

The carbon barrel: Is made up of a stainless steel barrel that has been refined to make it as raw as possible and then surrounded by several layers of carbon fiber. During manufacturing, the carbon is combined with the resin which is belted by heat treatment on 3 differents axes of the barrel. The fiber is glued at high temperature along the entire length of the barrel so that each strand sticks perfectly to it. This method allows us to fuse metals (stainless steel and carbon) to obtain a single cylindrical body. The result allows us to obtain a lighter, stiffer and  accurate barrel; which has the property of dissipating heat more quickly. Available with CARBON MOUNTAIN & ROCKY MOUNTAIN models.

Muzzle brake (include): The Muzzle brake screws into the end of the barrel and it is equipped with 42 angle holes which allow gases to escape around the barrel, which reduces the recoil by approximately 50%. When designing, we added a 15 degree forward angle on all holes. This directs the sound shut away from the shooter. It is offered in stainless steel for barrels of the same type and in titanium for carbon barrels.

Precision: Each ANTLER gun is CERTIFIED to group 3 bullets within ½ MOA over a distance of 100 yards with ballistics tested during quality control. Each rifle is delivered with the target which was used to test it. TO TRY IT IS TO ADOPT IT!

    • Types of stocks are offered: LEFT HAND: Standard | Cheek piece ajustable* / RIGHT HAND: Standard | Cheek piece ajustable* |Mountain LR Cheek piece ajustable*|Mountain LR | Thumbhole (* Option)
    • Integrated Antler logo on the stock
    • Limbsaver recoil pad
    • Carbon barrel
    • Stainless steel (416) action
    • 3 lug action, 70° rotation
    • Three position safety lock
    • Adjustable trigger, set at 2.75 pound
    • Detachable magazine, capacity: 4 ammo
    • Cerakote coating
    • Muzzle brake MB42
    • Precision 1/2 MOA (Exception .338 lapua and .375 H&H: precision 5/8 MOA)
    • Weight : 7.1 pounds (Weights are calculated on caliber .300 WIN MAG, 24 in barrel  / + 5 oz with  cheek piece ajustable)

PRICE: 3 595$ can